Teen girls outside in the hot Florida sun. Children are being held at this “Temporary Influx” Center at the edge of the Florida Everglades beyond the legal limit of 20 days. Now, most are detained around 60 days and the Federal Government has just been given 6 months to reunite these children. Unfortunately, 6 months is a long time for vulnerable youth in this kind of Center. Photo credit: Carrie Feit.

Witnessing at Homestead’s Immigrant Child Detention Center

Today I am compelled to write due to a lack of coverage in the mainstream media, except for a few notable exceptions from the Miami Herald, about a human rights atrocity that is happening right here in my home state of Florida. Over Easter weekend, I felt compelled to go and see for myself what was happening at the Homestead “Temporary Influx Facility” for immigrant youth that is run by…



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